Tisch New Theatre is seeking motivated NYU students to join our team for the fall 2019 production.

All levels of experience are welcome.

Our mission is to serve as a creative outlet for all NYU students. TNT has established itself as an avenue for students to work in all facets of the theatre: performance, management, direction, production, and other technical and design aspects. Tisch New Theatre is committed to developing ambitious work intended to entertain, inspire, and unite the artistic efforts of the Tisch community with the entire student body.

Open Positions

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Music Direction


Scenic Design

Costume Design

Lighting Design

Sound Design

Marketing Team

The marketing team is responsible for promoting the show and aiding in ticket sales. Roles within the team include press-facing/PR roles, designers, and liaisons with other campus and city organizations.

Development Team

The development team’s focus is on raising money and working with the Producer and board to solicit donations for the show.

General Management Team

The general management team works closely with all departments to track spending, budgeting, and cashflow. General Management is also tasked with retaining rehearsal spaces, handling money and contracts with vendors, and working with the box office on ticket sales.

Production Management Team

The production management team oversees and coordinates all physical aspects of the show itself. This includes working with the various design departments on things like build and load-in, hiring and scheduling the full crew, running production meetings, and interfacing with multiple vendors. 


A critical piece to the puzzle, the crew are the people who make it all happen. They receive training from their respective department heads, and then work with Stage Management and the cast to ensure everyone has what they need when they need it.

Stage Management

The stage management team manages and operates all pieces of the show related to rehearsals, scheduling, and show operations. Stage Management works closely with the cast, director, choreographer, music director, and other collaborators.


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