Tisch New Theatre is seeking motivated NYU students to join our team for the fall 2019 production.

All levels of experience are welcome.

Our mission is to serve as a creative outlet for all NYU students. TNT has established itself as an avenue for students to work in all facets of the theatre: performance, management, direction, production, and other technical and design aspects. Tisch New Theatre is committed to developing ambitious work intended to entertain, inspire, and unite the artistic efforts of the Tisch community with the entire student body.

OPEN CREW Positions

A critical piece to the puzzle, the crew are the people who make it all happen. They receive training from their respective department heads, and then work with Stage Management and the cast to ensure everyone has what they need when they need it. Crew positions include:


Spotlight Ground Operator

The ground operator will use a control device similar to an x-box controller to operate an intelligent lighting fixture using a screen. Experience with video games is a major plus.

Run Crew

The run crew will work with the stage management team and other backstage crew to make sure all the set pieces and props are where they need to be at the correct time and are properly configured for their upcoming scene.

build crew

This team will work in the shop and during load-in/strike to construct and paint the set.

audio crew

This team will work with the Skirball Audio team to ensure that all microphones are functioning and the cast’s body mics are properly set and configured.

Costume Crew

The costume crew works to ensure all the costumes in the show are ready and on their corresponding actor at the right time. The crew makes sure the costumes are properly prepped, and assists with any quick changes that might occur in between scenes or during songs.

Woodwinds Player

We are looking for woodwind doublers to join our pit! Saxophone, flute, and clarinet.


Dog wrangler

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals with a love of animals (especially dogs) to help coordinate and wrangle the dogs in the show this year. Responsibilities include taking care of the dogs immediately before and after rehearsals and shows, as well as making sure they are in the correct spot when they need to be.



Submit your information and we'll be in touch to discuss your future with Tisch New Theatre.

Please note that position listings and availability are subject to change without notice.